Who We Arewho-we-are

In response to challenges they encountered in their educational journeys, Mukovhe Masutha, along with classmate Ntandokabawo James, founded Thusanani Foundation in order assist youth from marginalized communities across South Africa to access and succeed in post-schooling opportunities.

Thusanani Foundation does this through an integrated, flexible and holistic approach tailor-made to improve the Access, Retention and Completion rates and the overall experience of low income students at various institutions of higher education and training.

What We Dowhat-we-do

  • Rural/Township High School Academic Performance Improvement Programmes
    • Winter Revision and Tutoring Programmes
    • Career Guidance and Promotion of STEM
    • High School Retention Improvement Campaigns
    • Facilitation of Admission into Higher Education and Training
    • Promotion of Vocational and Artisan Skills
  • Rural/Township High School Infrastructure Support Programme
    • Computer and Science Labs
    • Community Libraries
    • School Refurbishments
  • Continuous-On-Campus Academic and Social Support Programmes
  • Industry-Based Mentorship and Professional Development
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development
  • Higher Education Research and Development

why-we-do-what-we-doWhy We Do What We Do

If the ladder of educational opportunity rises high at the doors of some youth and scarcely rises at the doors of others, while at the same time formal education is made a prerequisite to occupational and social advance, then education may become the means, not of eliminating race and class distinctions, but of deepening and solidifying them”.

– President Truman, in releasing a report of the President’s Commission on Higher Education, 1947

“It is our moral obligation” – Thusanani Foundation Volunteers

Thusanani Foundation